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    I’m running out of spice at night lol need advice

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    stawberries and chocoloate

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    Does he have any fetishes that you know of? Like, honestly, most men like something pretty weird but without asking, you would never know. Ask him what really turns him on and be open to actually hearing/practicing some of it. That will REALLY spice up the bedroom

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    Ask your partner to take male enhancement supplements if there is some problem by his side. There are numerous such products in the market and I follow a website herintalk that reviews many of such supplements.
    Spice up your bedroom life to avail maximum pleasures.

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    Have you tried the swing? If not, it is a must!

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    Honestly roleplay is an awesome thing to spice things up, acting out different scenarios. Also read a sexy book outloud to eachother. Candles and rose petals and music playing. Whip cream is great too for added sensual feel. And toys are a good touch. And try to be spontaneous and unexpected! Lingerie is great as well. Teasing beforehand, and even some things like a blindfold, handcuffs etc.

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    Enjoy each other and be comfortable doing different things.

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