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      lactose intolerance has begun. I do not know how to deal with it, because so much will have to be removed from the diet

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      sorry to hear

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      Try almond milk – it worked for me…

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      Almond milk might be a good alternative!

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      There are good tasting amazing alternatives these days to lactose. There are various nuts milks as well as lactose free milks. Some don’t taste that bad.

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      There are a lot of products on the market.

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      Yes. There are lots of dairy free milks out there like everyone said. You’ll find one that you like I’m sure. I also personally like almond milk. They also have soy, rice, hemp, other nuts like cashew, etc. 🙂 Best of luck.

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      You are lucky to be living in a time that there are many products out on the market. You can drink non dairy milks, non dairy yogurt, non dairy cheese.

      Its much easier now than it was years ago.

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      You can take pills for that problem.
      Call you’r doctor 🙂

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