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      But what I don’t like is a know it all…in any aspect of life. Sometimes people have their own way of doing things.

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      100% agree i love advise but dont come off like you know more then me or im dumb for not knowing

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        Yes! Absolutely!!

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      I agree .. I will listen to your advice and may not agree with it. I think that should be ok if I don’t take your advice and get mad about it.

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      You just described my Mother in Law LOL, she thinks she knows everything about everything. Especially how to raise my child. It’s so irritating 🙁

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      Everyone around you knows how to live better, it has always been like that. I accept all the advice, listen, nod, thanks. But I almost never use them. At first, I tried to talk about that if I want to know something, I will ask, but it didn’t help. Now I just don’t pay attention.

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