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      Hey folks, I’m just 23 years old. I dunno what’s happening to me. I feel too lazy to work, go out even to maintain my social networks. I guess I’m healthy because I don’t have any disease or no addictions and I’m quite fit too. But I feel sleepy all day, I can do my daily life works and I can go out with friends. But I’m ok being alone at home too. I’m not interested in anything. I fear I have some disease. Please enlighten me regarding this.

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      Have you had your thyroid checked? Often that contributes to feeling tired.

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      check up with your doctor, who can enlighten you way better than anybody on a post like this can. Maybe you are low in iron, maybe you have a sleep disorder, maybe you are a little depressed… your medical care place can help you, so GO

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      Do you think it started with the changing of the season? Do you think you feel a little depressed? Hope all goes well. Best of luck to you, Linda! I get this way too sometimes. :/

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      irt might be the weather

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