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      I love keto!

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      I love Whole30!

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      I never heard of either one of those brands–LOL…

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      I started Keto 6 weeks ago and have lost 16 pounds!

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        congrats!!! I am 7months in and so far so good! down almost 60!! keep it up!

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      heard it’s great

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      My Husband is doing Keto right now. I went with weight watchers. I do the online program i lost 7.1lbs in 4 days.

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      I have been doing lazy keto and was doing great until I fell off the wagon a few weeks ago and now it has been a struggle to get back on! good luck in your journey and I love Keto too!!!

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      I have been Keto since September 1, 2017. I’ve lost 40 lbs and went from a size 14 to an 8. I am so glad I found this way of eating. I have struggled to lose weight for many years and this is the easiest lifestyle to follow. Right now I’m maintaining but when I want to start losing again I’ll start counting my macros again.

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        I’m looking into starting keto. I want to loose weight to help with arthritis and just generally be more healthy. I have a hard time letting go of the “fun” foods and sticking with it. What are some of the tips people can give me when first starting—to make the program really “stick”. What things make it easy and where is a good (free!) place to find keto friendly recipes.
        Thanks in advance!

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      is it for busy people (easy to keep up with)

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      I just started with my whole family, and its going… eh… okay. Of course we havent completely phased out all carbs. I know everyone says to just go “all in” but I have an 8 year old that wont allow that.

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      Keto diet is a great way to utilize the fats present in the body for producing energy. This also helps to get back the body in shape and stay fit and active. I know some people who take natural weight loss supplements along, for more amazing results & dual action formula. A friend of mine got her supplement through the website named wellnessdietsolution and she is been loving it! it hasn’t affected anyhow but only enhanced the results.
      I am amazed how these supplements actually work!

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      I want to start the keto diet. I had read good reviews about but not sure how to start. I think i need to start reading more about the diet.

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      I’m going to start keto tommorow. Will see how it goes!

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      Heard of this, but would love to look more into it!

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      Love keto also!

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      Is anyone else doing Keto as a family? I have an 8 year old Im trying to get away from the carb overload he’s used to, and its hard. He doesnt want to eat healthy things. My 15 year old is fine with it, my husband is too. I just cant figure out how to get my 8 year old to eat more varieties of foods. Any suggestions?

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        It is usually the textures at that age. I started making mine have just one bite of a green veggie with every dinner. No more. Eventually they started liking it. Now they eat healthier than I do!

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      It is a great way to lose and balance your weight.

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      Have always been interested to look more into this.

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      This is great.

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      I heard Keto is a good diet and you lose a lot of weight. So bad i love carbs 🙁

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      how are you all measuring how much carb intake you need daily?

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      I have been wanting to give this diet a try. I keep hearing good things!

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      Keto is good if used right.

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      I’ve been using these new supplements and products to help me with weight loss and they are all based on the Keto diet. All natural and majority of them are compatible with breastfeeding which was a concern for me and hard to find!
      Here’s the website if anyone is interested!

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      great option

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      are protien shakes…. Isagenix shakes for breakfast ruining my keto diet?

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      diet and exercise

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      I’m interested in this. One of my former co-workers said she started keto & loves it.

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      So good for you!

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      KETO & exercise is the only way to lose!

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      exercise is the only way to lose!

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      Keto has worked for me!

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      What are you all doing to make keto simple? What are your favorite recipes?

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      Sounds like I need to look into keto.

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      i love keto too! so great to see some products I can eat as keto!

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      Yes to keto!

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