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    Ive been pushing so hard to lose weight this past month. Ive been working out 1 hr a day 6 days a week and meal prepping. Whats some meal ideas you all like that are healthy?

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    You go mama!
    We do “nachos” at least once a week 🙂 I load on the veggie toppings and the kids love it because they can “build their own” meal and it makes it fun!
    Some toppings we often have are lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, corn, black beans, avocados, olives, sautéed peppers and onions, cheese, spinach,jalapeño peppers… pick and choose what you have on hand or what your family likes. Throw all the veggie toppings on a couple chips (we use Beanfields bean chips because of corn allergies in this house) and you can call it a well balanced (easy to prep) meal!

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    Me tooo!!

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    Nachos sounds delicious we do zucchini boats cut out middle of zucchini and put a tad turkey ground and top with lettuce and tomatoe yum

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    I don’t know why but I’m CRAZY for making smoothies lately. Fruit and veggie smoothies. They’re great. I only drink the smoothies or I’m drinking water.

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    We love the Zucchini boats, i also make them with shredded chicken and buffalo sauce. 🙂

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    lots of veggies and also juices/smoothies

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    I love super smoothies!

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    Drinking lots of water helps!

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    what works

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    Lot’s of protein because it keeps you full longer

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    simple: rice, bison, peas, kerrygold

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