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      Some people say they don’t have sensitivities or allergies to wheat, they just think it’s healthier to go gluten free. What do you think?

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      i think people clain that now they are allergic to everything

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      You’re probably not far off…

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      Ive tried the gluten free one but it I seemed to have a bad reaction to it.

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      Oh, sorry to hear that!

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      It depends. Naturally gluten free foods tend to be healthy but not processed ones

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      Gluten free simply IMPLIES that there is no wheat, barley, rye, or other GLUTEN containing grain in the product. Most GLUTEN free products are made with RICE! The only reason you would have an ALLERGIC REACTION, is if you’re ALLERGIC to one of the ingredients in the product and I really doubt it was the rice, so be sure to check the ingredients. Gluten free isn’t an ingredient, it is not going to harm you at all. People who have issues with GLUTEN or Celiac Disease, have an immune response that gets triggered when they ingest any gluten, which their intestines then basically seize up and stop absorbing important vitamins and nutrients and such into the body, no matter what healthy food they eat. Do some research=)

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      It is healthier to go GF because you then don’t eat all the processed ingredients in most junk food and regular foods. Most people eat a lot of BREAD PRODUCTS THAT CONTAIN WHEAT INGREDIENTS WHICH has GLUTEN on it, and a lot of sugars and starch. Bread turns to sugar in your gut, which THEN turns into fat! Fun fact. Going GF is the best thing I’ve ever done for my body, the doctors haven’t told me anything which explains my severe digestive problems and other stuff. So going GF has severely reduced all of my major symptoms and am of my horrible stomach cramping and pain…I didn’t just start this ” diet” because I thought it would be healthier. I did it to see if I could save my body and to see if I could stop losing so much weight for no reason… I’m 18 at this started about 3 years ago and I lost at least 30 pounds in only a few months and I’m only 5’8″ and was only 170 pounds… I’m a fighter, not a whiner. GF is not my diet, it’s part of my life now. Going gluten free saved my life, not all the doctors who sent me home telling me there was nothing wrong, or asking if I was having emotional issues that we’re causing me not to eat and drop so much weight so quick… People, Please do research before you start ” guessing” why people do things. I supposedly don’t have Celiac Disease, or a GLUTEN intolerance or any other food allergies according to all those doctors, but I know they are wrong because of what my body has been through and done to itself over these past few years…I went GLUTEN free because I wanted to live again and stop crying myself to sleep every night because of fear and pain. I did it because I knew I needed to try and save myself

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        My goodness. You’ve been through a lot. Glad you’re ok. Very interesting & informative. Thank you, Jessica. 🙂

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      I’m actually allergic to wheat, gluten, dairy and bell peppers. It’s caused serve EOE and body constantly attacking itself. Some people mad use it as a fad, but not all. And I’m an adult and recently just found out about these allergies. Be kind to others, you never know.

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      depends on the person, but seems better to not eat as much gluten

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      I guess it doesn’t hurt to try it.

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