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    I’ve recently left an highly abusive relationship with my autistic son. I left the day I got brutally raped by my paratransit driver.so then it’s my son and I and I would only leave for work therapy of food. Theres alot of things in between I’m leaving out. Like dealing with the detectives, harassment etc. Anyway a few weeks ago I had to have a giant and I am not kidding giant surgery on my right arm.i had a hysterectomy four months ago and was at work two days later. I’ve never asked for help I’ve tried all of the resources here, no funding. But I literally have 3 dollars. I owe my roomate rent and water and have no food. My sons autistic and hes very hard to feed. I do not get child support. I am a few weeks away from my social security hearing that took four yrs. Oh I also have epilepsy. I’m sorry for blurting like this. I’m never this forward. I thought maybe I could be open in a moms group and not judged. I’m so scared I’m sobbing as I type this. We need stuff as well. Like toilet paper for example just need things. I have no help. Every person that I used to call friend I have broken off due to being used. I have a huge heart and will give u the last of my food If your hungry. I have nobody. I am just at my wits end. I cannot stop crying. I have no more resource options,cannot work. Any advice ladies

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    My heart goes out to you! You are very brave. You certainly need and deserve help. Is there a social service agency that can help you? Or a local church? Your local school district may have services to help your son. Please don’t give up until you find an agency that can help you.

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