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      My goal is to quit smoking by the end of this year. I have been a smoker for 12.

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      We wish you the best of luck with your goal!

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        I quit 34 years ago…not missed it one bit…

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      It’s tough. But if I can do it, me with soooo little self control, I know that you can do it. I just tried to take one meal at a time; that’s when I really wanted a smoke. So glad I was able to stop. Good luck!

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      It’s tough at the first time. My husband smokes for years. However, after knowing his bad health condition and others link to cigar, and financial effect, he tried to quit. At the first time, he still couldn’t do it. He still tried to get some outside of the house so that I wouldn’t know it. But unfortunately, it can’t hide the smell. Then, he tried to use some medical pad which sticks under his ear. In some point it helps.
      After a year, he is successful.
      I know that it is not easy to quit but if you have determination, you can do it.
      Good luck.

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      I did it so you can do it!!

      It is hhhaaarrrddd……

      Just plan something to do for those times you know you want a cigarette, like after a meal!

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      SO much luck and strength to you. I have heard that the most effective way to quit something is to replace the activity with something else so that the cue you have to smoke something becomes the cue you have to fill-in-the-blank

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      I wish you the best of luck

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      Hope it is going well for you. I smoked since I was 12. I have recently quit with the help of chantix. I am 54 now and do not want to be on oxygen. I struggle but it is worth it.

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      Good 4 you!!! I have been smoking for so long and cannot find the right product to help. I learned by watching my grandma who made it look cool. Would not want mine to get same idea.

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      Congrats!! That is my next goal!

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      I hope you achieve that goal. Best wishes to you.

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      I wish you best of luck and if you are dedicated towards your goal you will surely win.

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      Good luck, my mother is trying to quit as well. She’s been doing it for so long to be honest I don’t even know how long it’s been but I know it’s been over 30 years!!!

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      I quit smoking after many years – cold turkey. I substituted my smoking with food and gained 50#! However, I realized that wouldn’t work and practice portion control, using essential oils and exercise. Lost it all, and am in the best shape of my life. I run a 5k each and every month with my kiddos and hubby, and hope to be around for many years to come! Best of luck to everyone making a healthy change, and best of luck to you as well!!

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      Congratulations on this big milestone

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      best luck

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      I love coming across posts like this. It gives encouraging words to those going through the same things no matter when it’s happening in their lives. Congrats to you!

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      best of luck may you will succeed in quit smoking.

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      good luck

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      Good luck

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      That’s a really huge step,and it’s really hard.
      IMy support for you!

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      Good luck! That is my next goal too

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      yes i did

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      i quit a few months ago. never missed it

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      Yay!!!! Congrats! I quit in 2015. I’m so glad that I did and that you did too. 🙂

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      Glad to hear.

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