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    I am am going through a very tough situation right now I live with my boyfriend and his family.his family is very involved and he is very spoiled I do all of the working while he sits at home and well I need help.i can not stand living here anymore it is extremely stressful for me because no matter what I do I am always the bad guy well anyway a few days ago I went out I discussed my plan before I left and he was okay with it but when I got back he was very upset and decided to split ways with me the following day he regretted it and apologized but our relationship is very scarred so I spoke with my mother about moving in with her and my grandmother the thing about that is that it is an equally stressful situation on that end and the condition of my grandmothers a hoarder and her house is not ideal for a baby that is about to be one she is very odd about us cleaning it my mother told me I way always welcome but that she does not suggest me going to live there with baby she suggests I stay here until I can get my own place I’m so unsure of how to cope with this I am extremely happy to have a roof over my head and all but the situation is just extremely exhausting how do I do this ?

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    Have a serious conversation and move on, you must decide what you want…

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    Is there any way you would be able to get your own apartment? It way be tough financially but it will be best for you and your child.

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    I do believe being on your own in this situation may be best. Your boyfriend seems immature (no offense). As for the hoarding, that is a very difficult & yes, stressful situation and you wouldn’t want your baby to have to be around that. Totally understandable. It’s a sad situation that I have also seen people go through. I really hope you have the means to do so. Your mom sounds like she cares about you. Maybe you could stay close enough to her so that she could come to you, if possible to help you with stuff you may need. I wish you the best, Rose. You can do this. <3

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    My ex and I went through kind of the same thing. I got pregnant at a young age and decided to live with my at the time boyfriend. His mom spoils him (he still lives with his mom and doesn’t work) and trust me you don’t want to be in that situation. Here it is two kids and 5 years later he is still the same person while i have matured and went on my own way. I’m not saying you should break up with him but, you should consider moving away from his house. It will give you what you need with growth!

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    Good luck.

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    Rose you are so much stronger than you realize. You know what the problem is. From here on you need to think of yourself as a problem solver. Start taking steps that will benefit you and your child. You are a woman on a mission.Hood Luck to you Rose

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    If you feel comfortable staying at your moms do it.I cannot tell you things are going to change but im not thinking they are after being married for 20 years we were more like roomates he never cared when I was in pain and could not get out of bed for days because of the diseases I have.I got no help from him at all.He didnt help clean and I had to pay all the bills with my disability check. He did what he wanted to do with his money.I hope you put some serious thought into it and realize he is probably not ever going to change.

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    Just to say you are not alone, talk with your boyfriend not inside the house go out tell him what you really feel and your plans, but is better if you guys move out from there, get a small apartment to rent while you guys get your feet together, wish you all the luck

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