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    I feel my mom hates me. I care a lot about her but I don’t think she feels the same way.

    I’ve got 2 other siblings. Her favourite is my older brother. He’s 24 years old. He’s very lazy and doesn’t do anything around the house. I can be the same way too, but I help out with chores way more than he does.

    The only chores were responsible for in the house is laundry. I have asked my mom many times to have my brother do his own laundry but my mom keeps doing it just for him. She gets mad at me every time I remind her, but I don’t think it’s right for her to keep enabling his behaviour. She knows I get upset every time she does this but she doesn’t seem to care. My mom gives my older brother pretty much anything he wants despite financial constraints. But she can’t even do this for me? I feel very strongly about this as my mom does everything else around the house. It’s not fair for her to do everything. She works more than full time too.

    My other sibling and I are usually more than happy to help out but it’s not fair. Why are we the only ones that need to do chores around the house?

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    I think ya brother needs to move out and get a life ;;and grow up;;I don’t think she hates u ;;my mom had her fav kids to my older brother and one younger sister;;it not cool but I made it out ;;;ya mom needs to love ya all the same ;;you will grow and then u know how to not treat ya kids when u have them ;;shame on u mom ;;help ya daughter;;tell ya son to grow up and move out ;;;;

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    I agree…

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    When your Mom is in a patient mood, tell her you feel like she hates you and it is making you so sad. Make this between you two, not about how you would parent your big brother. Hopefully she will be able to reach out to make needed connections with you.

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    I dont beleive your mom hates you. She could possibly be more affectionate towards you but you should talk to her because she may not even know you feel this way.

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    I don’t think she hates you. It may help you to let go of the anger you are feeling surrounding your brother, for your sake more than his or your mom’s.

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    Try sitting Your Mom Down And Express To Her How It Makes You Feel. Don’t Leave Anything Out. Lay It All Out.

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    Coming from a Mom of older kids here .. when i was younger in my teen years.. i felt my Mom put too much responsibility on me.. i felt like i had to do everything in our home.. I couldnt wait till i was 19 to move out and yes i moved out.. What you need to do is have a sit down talk with your mom no yelling or screaming .. just calmly tell her how you been feeling ,,,,lay it all on the table and work on a solution..

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    Be humble

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