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    Any helpful tips?

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    I just pile my food scraps, coffee grounds, egg shells and it started a great compost pile

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    i have been doing one for years food scraps, coffee grounds, egg shells and grass

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    You can get a plastic container for this at places like Big Lots or Lowes! I love mine! I have one that spins! You don’t even need to put red worms in, they find there way!

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    B J

    I also love composting, great for me and great for the environment.

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    same as above

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    Composting can be so rewarding!

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    Start with bokashi or vermicomposting if you live in a small scale place. Easy!

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    I love composting.

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    Go for it!

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    Oh, thank you for the advice and kind words! You’re all awesome! 🙂

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