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    So im a new mom of a almost 6 month old, everything has gone great.my little girl doesnt cry as much and she’s mostly always trying to talk (very loud) or she is just laughing. I try and join her most of the times and yell out so she copies my sounds, which she does. I’ve never gotten frustrated with her, im home with her all day and night and it’s amazing honestly. I live in an apartment and recently my landlord called me to tell me that the neighbors have complained about how when our baby cries we tell her to shut up and if they were to continue to hear the verbal abuse that they will call the cops. This has me befuddled. I dont yell at my daughter,she’s just a baby and doesnt understand. Maybe when she wakes up in the middle of the night to play with her toys yeah i tell her shush playfully and laugh because i find it funny that at this crazy hour she decides its play time. So im really scared now and dont know what to do. My landlord said that these people have it on tape. Now im just doubting myself that maybe its true, but i dont recall anytime lashing out or getting mad towards her. Yeah i talk to my daughter like she understands me because i read about how we arent allowed to gibberish talk to them but i also do the baby talk (high pitched voice) sometimes to her. Still it makes me feel like im not a good mother even if it isnt true. I dont feel comfortable anymore but the rent is reasonable and the area is amazing. I havent done anything wrong and yet what if i did do it that i dont remember, I’m doubting myself now because if i ever have to confront them and they have proof of the misunderstanding im going to look like a fool. What if I did say it playing around and it is taken seriously, how am i going to live without my child?

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    Trust ur gut

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    I think that your neighbors are taking things out of context. If you don’t know them very well, maybe invite them over so that they can get to know you and see firsthand what a great mom you are. Then hopefully they will have more sympathy for you.

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      That’s not a bad idea.

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    On the other hand, if there is a health department or community college parent group or something similar… getting out and talking with other parents and support staff who can give you real guidance is a really good idea.

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    I agree……

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