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      My oldest (10yrs) needed to have upper braces in order to allow her front tooth to come in but I’m seeing my 8yr olds teeth coming in all wacky. Before scheduling an appointment for a consultation.., is 8yrs too young? What is an ideal age to visit the Orthodontics?

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      It’s not too early to get a consultation, and usually the orthdontist consultations are no charge. Better to know your options than to close off possible treatments by waiting too long. That said, it is pretty common for newly erupting teeth to “look all wacky” and a lot of it will self correct.

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      I don’t think it’s too early to check it out.

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      My 7yo just started with the upper braces.

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      I suggest talking with your dentist first. They may advise you to wait until your son loses most of his baby teeth

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      it’s not too early for a consultation, but teeth do change even in adulthood/high school (depending on care and maintenance), so that’s something to consider if getting braces too early. there are other options besides braces too, so go in to check now about those to see what they are

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      I’ve seen lots of young kids with braces. I think it should be a decision with the orthodontist

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      I’m seeing more and more younger than 10-12 children with braces, does anyone know the approximate age when all baby teeth should have fallen out? This would make sense to me to wait until this process has completed prior to applying braces but I’m not sure.

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      Such a long procedure

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      I think it should be a decision with the orthodontist

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