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      Hi, I’m getting married next week. I feel emotional, mildly confused, and definitely as if I’m in some sort of surreal fantasy from which I’m both hoping and dreading I’ll wake very soon. That’s really exciting, but it’s also nerveracking, stressful… What can you advise me?

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      Stop, take a deep breath this is your special day… Try not to spend it stressing out, get together with some of your girl friends and enjoy your selfs, and know everything is going to workout how it is suppose too! Enjoy your prepping week! Go get your nails done pamper your self… The nerves will calm down I promise… I hope your wedding day is everything you have dreamed it to be. Remember this is your and your soon to be husband’s day don’t be afraid to be kinda selfish it is suppose to be about you guys!!

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      Congratulations!! I’m seeing this months later, but hoping it all went well!!

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      Congrats. Hope it went well

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      Just breathe and enjoy your happy day!

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      Hope it was amazing!

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