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      I love to have everyone over for the holidays. I am really hoping to be selected for a great product to incorporate into our annual Ugly Sweater party we have. This would be a great way to share with those we don’t see on a regular basis who attend our parties. I normally go all out with decorations and gift ideas. This year we will have the Ugly Sweater Party with everyone participating in a white elephant too!! Anyone have any other ideas we could incorporate that is cost efficient and fun?

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      Sounds fun!

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      We will be sampling the CAULIPOWER nuggets while baking Christmas cookies this week!

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      Sounds neat! Great way to start the holidays in comradery.

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      definitely a way to get both worlds

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      now I just need the samples…

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      It was always a hit to wrap small little gifts multiple times in different wrapping paper, like layered. Many layers. Then everyone sits in a circle and 1person is in charge of music, and we play musical chairs and pass the wrapped gift around and everytime the music stops, just one layer is unwrapped. Game continues until gift is revealed and that person wins! Good times:)

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