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    Anyone see more adults than kids in their theaters too? haha I loved it, what did you guys think?

    Any other good movies out or coming out soon that you’d recommend?

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    I haven’t seen it yet, but the new Avengers Infinity Wars is coming out soon…

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    Going to see the incredibles today

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    cant wait for Toy Story and Cars 4

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    more later this year like mary poppins

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    i have not seen any movies lately

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    fun to attend. I just saw a more adult movie (RBG) which was wonderful, and would be interesting to older children

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    Search on Google

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    Anything by pixar

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    Any Disney or Pixar movie. Despicable Me is funny, too

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    Cold War. Everybody Knows. Will You Ever Forgive Me. Widows.

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    we really do need some good children’s movies
    age 7 – 12
    all the bad language and violence even on TV
    going crazy here trying to find something for them to watch

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    Pixar movies in general are fantastic!

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