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      I want to broaden my baby’s horizons, and have fun going places – but it can get costly. One thing we do is visit a local dog park, where my child loves to watch the dogs play. This is my inexpensive substitution for a trip to the Zoo – lots closer to home, less stress, no cost, and (at her age) just as much fun.

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      I love to take my daughter to the local library for storytime. And we like to visit different parks and playgrounds that are close by. Our new favorite park has a duck pond. My daughter loves watching the ducks.

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      The park is great or just a walk around the neoghborhood

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      We do storytimes 3 times a week at bookstores and libraries. We also have a membership to our children’s museum that I have shared with other families and use when traveling. It was a cost up front but we have gone beyond getting the money value out of it. We have a pet store within walking distance of our house and we do trips there to see the fish. We definitely get creative with activities and so easy to spend little to no money on things.

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      The library is a great place to go

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      Story times at libraries are great. Also there are some free days at some museums.

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      Our library has story hour, projects for all ages and free passes to local (expensive) museums. We live near a University that has farming, we visit all the farm animals. Local dog and cat shelters appreciate us coming by with supplies or to walk/play with the lonely animals.

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      Mine enjoy little excursions in the back yard or in the nearby woods by our home. I use the opportunity to teach them about things they see everyday, but normally don’t give much thought to like plants, bugs, birds, etc. Easy and cheap way to spend quality time. Plus, you can take a little pic nic along, as well.

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      My little one loves the park but on days that have bad weather the library is definitely a top pick for us. She loves the books, story time, other kids, and exploring new things they have there!

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      Great ideas!

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