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    This sounds stupid to feel bad about but my daughter looks more like my husband, and I feel so insecure about it. Especially because his family is so quick to point it out and I feel like they rub it in my face all the time. My family has said she looks like me when I was a baby but I can’t help but feel sad about it when I hear it so often. I don’t know. Has anyone else felt this way?

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    she will grow out of it most likely

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    Your in-laws will probably always think your daughter resembles their side of the family, no matter what. My in-laws are the same way. Children are constantly growing. I think you’ll find that your daughter has features of both you and your husband.

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    they are bonding, not excluding you – but they aren’t very thoughtful or sensitive. Hope your husband or daughter didn’t inherit that part, lol. How a person looks changes a lot as they grow, until they end up looking like themselves and not like anybody else. Give it time.

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    P.S. to above comment… I’ve heard that all babies look most like the father, as a sort of evolutionary thing: so the father recognizes the baby is his and will take care of it.

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    great tips

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    Thank you to the moms who gave me good advice I appreciate it 🙂

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