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      Is a vegan diet healthy?

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      Depends on if you are doing it properly… Always make sure to get the proper nutrients with any diet.

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      To get protein I try to eat nuts and beans!

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      Hi there, I have also started vegan diet from last week and I think it is healthy.

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      I think by far, if done correctly, it can be the healthiest of diets. But you have to be mindful and not fall into the trap of eating anything just because it is vegan (I mean oreo’s are vegan afterall).

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      It definately is just take a multivitamin

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      It can be the healthiest diet, but it takes a lot of work. Our food delivery system isn’t set up well for it. Taking a multivitamin isn’t the problem – but adequate protein is.

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      A vegan diet is very healthy. Balance is key. Eat the rainbow!!

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      I would definitely say yes, as long as you are not replacing meat with junk processed foods. Real foods fuel your body. Make sure that you are getting good sources of protein and iron.

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      I think so there is more and more products coming into the market to make things easier with protein added like bobs mill pancakes!

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      For me Vegan diet is really healthy as you cut down on lots of junk food. You start reading the contents before buying any product.

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      depends on what nutrients you’re getting

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      Due to some allergies like alpha-gal, mammalian meat and dairy is life threatening. A vegan diet is healthy in this case.

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      then you need to take iron vitamins

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      Maybe, i wouldnt assume so though

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      It is very healthy and clean to your body

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      Of course it is! The most valuable thing to do is to do a lot of research! Just take care of vitamin B12 with fortified foods (it can be found in cereal, super easy, right?) and Iron! Depending on each individual needs you may have to take iron supplements. I think the best thing to do is to never be afraid to ask! There’s a lot of people on the internet always willing to help us get the info! And then once a year try to get a blood test to check everything is okay! Oh, and just because something is vegan doesn’t always means that is healthy! There is plenty of junk food too! Whole, and plant based is healthier if you keep from the natural sources. And even if it’s junk food, besides the amount of sugar it could contain, it’s usually healthier than non-vegan junk food! Enjoy 😊

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      Yes of course! Way better than eating an animal. Watching those horrible videos made me change into a vegan I would never look back!

    • #267905 is healthy.ann

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      I’ve been vegan 5 years and in the best health of my life. Definelty ways to do it wrong with all the vegan junk food options. Whole food plant based vegan is the way to go. I just take a liquid b12 spray which everyone needs even meat eaters. I get everything I need and feel amazing.

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      Nice idea.

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      Thanks for the tips

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      I think it is but it also lacks some few nutrients

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      I have tried it but it definitely takes along of discipline

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      I believe that it is a ver discussive topic. Thta is better to consult with the professionals

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      Yes. Just supplement with B12.

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      tastes amazing

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      My family has been vegan for 4 years. My husband,my 5 year old son and I. You have to make sure to get a verity of grains, nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies but yes it is very healthy for you. All of us get blood work once a year and all of us always have perfect blood work and each of our doctors are thrilled (in fact my doctor has been vegan for 10 years and 6 of her 8 grand kids are also 😁). I have many stories of friends going vegan and getting off blood pressure meds and all kind of illnesses have gotten better.

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      I would like to go vegan. Just make sure you get all the vitamins, protein, etc you need.

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