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      I’ve known couples that couldn’t make it work and then I know a military family that has 4 kids, have moved at least a couple times in a few years and their kids seem to be doing great.

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      I think it has a lot to do with the family dynamics. A bond and sense of close family ties can help with almost any kind of family challenges.

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      You’re right, Maxine!

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      Yes, but a military family isn’t too different from a “normal” family. I grew up in a military family then I married into the military and now I’m raising my own family on and off bases. Communication is the key and keep your family/friends close. It feels great to have a support system when I’m homesick

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      Good to know, tina!

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      It must be tough. Thank you to all of the military families in our community!

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      Amy, yes. A very big thank you to all the military families! ♡♡

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