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      I wonder if the Paleo diet is safe for kids? My husband and I are trying it and I’m wondering if it’s okay for my older kids to try?

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      I realize this was posted a while ago, however I was curious as to weather you ever found the answer to your question. I am curious also. I would also like to know the difference between the Paleo and the Keto diets. Are you still doing the Paleo? Best of luck!

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      No not safe you need a well balanced diet.

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      It doesn’t seem like it would be safe

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      I Love Working Out

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      I also have wondered about this particular diet!

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      Good information.

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      Not sure.

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      From my understanding the Paleo diet is food from the nature so lots of fruits, veggies and meats. What are your concerns with it?

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      Paleo is an interesting elimination diet that could work better nutrition wise when they are older and more developed, so go for it!

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      Nice Information!!

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      Good sharing.

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