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    I’ve been a stay at home mom so long I forget how to make new friends I get to nervous around other adults can anyone relate?

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    I feel like we also dont find anyone with the same interests.

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    Yes….then I overcompensate and overshare….sigh….better to stay home!!

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      I over share too 😘 mostly when I’m nervous because the word vomiting happens and then it makes everything worse

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    I wish I knew how to make friends. Im extremely shy, with very severe anxiety. I wasn’t good at making friends as a kid, and have no idea what to do as an adult.
    I feel very awkward in groups. And I always feel like I don’t fit in. Or that people are judging me. And it’s even worse if the others already know each other.
    I hate how this impacts my son. He’s an only child, and is super friendly and outgoing. But, other than the park, he doesn’t get to play with a lot of new kids. And doesn’t have the opportunity to make real friends.

    How do people do this? His do you make friends as an adult?

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    Right! I would prefer not to be so socially challenged that when I walk into a room of people I won’t send myself into a full on inner panic attack I have two children one is 9 and the other is about to be 5 and I’ve tried to make friends like say at the school but it never seems to works I’m just to awkward

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    Im a single , homeschooling mom who owns a small radio station. My listners probably know way to mych about me , yet I hide behind my mic ( totally crazy in person as well ) but more accepted on air .

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    yes it is

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    Keep getting out there, you (and your children) need this. If you make repeat visits to a place (play area) you will begin to see familiar faces and it will feel natural to strike up a little conversation… “our kids seem to like to play with each other” is a great one.

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    It is hard for me as well. I am from an other country and I feel if I start talking with broken English people will think someway about me.

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    It’s so hard for me. To be honest and please nobody take offense to this. I find it very hard to find full time parents. Not once a wknd or every month. I have mine 24=7

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    Ima 24/7/365 parent to full time I have the worst time finding even a sitter so I normally take my kids everywhere with me I understand that one completely kristina

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