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      I quit smoking 3 months ago and then I found out my dad health is failing, straight to the cigarettes I went how and why? It’s not in me anymore right? Well here I am trying again,I’ve tried pills, patches, cold Turkey nothing is permanent somebody please help!

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      I found this website that I hopes with your desire to quit smoking.


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      I want to wish you the very best of luck in your quest to quit smoking. I am sure that it is not an easy task to acomplish.

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      As a smoker who is close to finally quitting, I have realized it is more mental/ emotional than physical. There is obviously a nicotine & tar part to the addiction but stress seems to make us go right back-its why they always say to never try quitting if you are going through something very stressful in your life. Willpower, to me, is only about half of it because while it plays it’s part, there are many other elements that make up the other half. Some can stop and quit just like that and never pick up another one. Others, like myself, will struggle. It has been shown that there is that endorphin part of our brain that separate us from other people. We do not all have the same self made endorphins that others have-same goes for overeaters, addicts, etc. The one thing I’ve learned is to never beat myself up because I’m trying!

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