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      Good day y’all,
      So I was told by the nutritionist that I would have to get down to to a precise digits in order to have my weight loss surgery. So my oldest suggested that we save our money and have the surgery in Mexico. I’m not knocking Mexico but when you go aboard to different countries I just want to come back and a safe still me with most of the parts that I was born with and that I have grown to accept over the years. I didn’t realize that you would have to get a passport and all this other stuff I’ve watched too much 20/20 and Prime Time News on TV to go about that measure. So the best thing for me is to get back to those greens the collards kale, etc. I was told that when I eat protein you should eat some kind of greens with it so here’s to getting down to those digits so I can lose this weight and not be so unhealthy. It is a struggle sometimes because food is more accessible you can order it you can get it delivered but that’s not only the stuff that you’re not supposed to have you can also order and have the stuff that you should have delivered as well. I have to do my walking and even though sometimes when I walk I am hunched over cuz the back spasms are like you going to stop today but it’s just perseverance you know but luckily a lot of the other moms and a lot of the other supportive group members are very encouraging and it can be done. So good luck good day

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      You can do it! I’m pulling for you.

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      You got this!!!

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