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    Yes, I know he’s small

    “Intrauterine growth restriction; it means he’s small”.
    That’s how “I dumb it down” to our local civilians. It’s the only way they can understand when I get the reaction “ oh my goodness, he’s so tiny!”. I bet the look on my face is priceless. Momma bear in striking pose, ready to attack.
    I was nineteen working as a patient transporter at a trauma hospital getting paid minimum wage when I got knocked up. I remember precisely the day the stork bird dropped by; four days after my twentieth birthday. I figured I had alcohol poisoning. So as any normal being I sent myself to the ED for some fluids.
    I passed by the long stretched hall and the smell of baby powder smacked my face. Nausea hit my stomach at full throttle. Thank goodness the bathroom was to my left. I ran in and we all know how this paragraph ends.
    As I rinsed my face I thought, “please God no, this can’t be. I can’t be pregnant. Please show me a sign if I am”. At the time I was very promiscuous, but I stuck with one good warrior whom worked in the same department. When I exited out the bathroom, there he came, with helmet and steel horse he rode. That was my sign.
    This little piggy cried all the way to the market to buy a pregnancy test. This little piggy took the pregnancy test, and this little piggy was definitely pregnant.
    When I went to the ED a week later for bleeding complications we had come to unfortunate news that my HCG levels were abnormally low for a pregnancy. Our baby was growing out of uterine. We were given very little hope and we prepared for miscarriage.
    Possible future parents, Joey and I came in every week to check our HCG levels but there was no hope. Until one day… we were in the clear and the doctor was astonished by the results as he himself said he’s never seen a baby grow back in uterine! We were going to have a a baby!
    Even though I was at high risk and was watched very closely, my placenta died at six months. I felt very distraught and blamed myself. I couldn’t give my son the nutrition he needed. I couldn’t supply for him. I couldn’t do anything right.
    There was options, but, none were pretty. We stuck to the best suitable for our child. As future parents, we went through doctor visits four times a week plus medicine that we dreamed will work.
    Thirty seven weeks strolled along and we had our beautiful baby boy. IUGR complications aren’t easy. We fight every day with struggles but seeing the smile on my baby boys face makes me feel like everything will be perfect.

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