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      So if you’re one of them, keep up the good work! 🙂

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      So many new challenges for moms with young children these days. You really need to stay aware of so many things going on around your family. Keep up the good work moms!!

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      Good and bad in all

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      i’m trying to reach out to all the moms or dads on this forum. im trying to get a friend of mine help with clothes and shoes for her 5 kids by tomorrow. she lives in a town called cape girardeau mo, and they start school tomorrow. I have a paypal account if anyone is able to donate anything, we are trying to raise at least $300 before tomorrow and I can transfer that money to her on her prepaid card today and she has a local walmart that stays open 24/7. I know this isn’t what our moms meet is, but i’m hoping it can be. if any of you are able to be of support it would mean the world to her. she is only getting disability right now and her dad just passed a few months ago and she had to bury him with what her family had saved up. She is also a single mom.
      here is my paypal link and i can send pics of her family if anyone can help just to prove she was in need.

      We have tried for a month now to get help with her local charities and churches and no one had funding to do so. Please pass this along and maybe a prayer will be heard tonight. Thanks everyone.

      #womenempoweringwomen #momssupportingmoms.

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      So true

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      hard times for so many

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      I agree!

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      i agree..if you are a mom .you have great resposibilities

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