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      My son is 19 months old. He doesn’t want to eat anything that isn’t dry and crunchy, which pretty much reduces his diet to cereals and crackers. When he started baby food he loved every vegetable and fruit I gave him, but was never crazy about the meats. Solids were about the same with a few exceptions, but that was to be expected. Gradually he got pickier and pickier until he would eat only chicken nuggets,mac and cheese scrambled eggs, and rice, along with dry cereal and crackers. I just assumed it was a phase and would resolve itself, as did the pediatrician and it seemed like it might, he went back to eating a few more foods and I thought all was well. That didn’t last long and now in the last month he refuses anything that isn’t dry and crunchy. Occassionally he’ll eat nuggets but not often. The pediatrician says not to worry as his weight and growth are fine, but this can’t be healthy for him. He gets pediasure and a vitamin every day, but there is no way he is getting enough of everything to grow and develop like he should. The last weeks or so, he gags if I try to get him to taste something that is outside of his parameters for food. Just touching a bit of yogurt to his tongue (which he previously loved) resulted in gagging and crying. He is also behind on his speech (only says about 6 words and not with regularity) and the pediatrician says just to keep doing what we are doing, that it’s no big deal and speech therapists won’t even see him until he is two.
      My question is, am I worrying for nothing or do I need a second opinion? Anyone dealt with similar issues and has any advice?

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      I think that you should trust your gut and get a second opinion.

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      I wouldn’t STRESS too much about it as long as he’s growing well. However, I would get a second opinion to rule out any sensory issues he may be having. My nephew would gag and cry over so many foods that he was basically just eating pancakes, cheese and toddler formula. After a few months of working with a pediatric occupational therapist, he now eats a much wider variety of foods.

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      IT sounds like he is having texture issues.
      It is a shame there is no programs out there until he is two, but every kid is different. Some talk more than others, some try to talk more.
      I don’t think you should stress either but I do agree with some of the other moms, if it is going to give you a peace of mind, then you should get a second opinion. What harm will it do to get a second opinion? Either the doctor will give you more tools to use or give you ideas of what to do, or he/she will agree with other doctors and you will know you did everything you could.
      I can say with the talking, using some sign language helped my son. It helped me understand what he wanted but also helped him say some words. I remember worrying that he was not going to get some words and out of no where he did from the repetition. I still worry that he does not talk enough but its because I need to stop comparing.

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      wow, i thought my ones was picky

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      My daughter goes through phases like that as well. as long as hes not losing weight and he is eating I would just keep a clse eye on the situation

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      it could also be behavior based! we learned that after 2yrs of a feeding therapy nightmare.

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      my son picky eater too

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      Such great information!

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      my grand daughter is 20 months old and I hear you….meals are a pain and I work very hard to have he try “different” foods! Good Luck!!!!!!

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      My kids are picky eater too.

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      you have your hands full

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      Thank you for providing this information.

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      talk to a nutritionist

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      Good information

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      i say let it go. keep trying things over and over again. my kids went to so many different items as they were growing. they used to love yogurt, now one hates it. Same with avocado and so much more. they will eat when they are hungry – just keep giving them good healthy choices

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      I think you are doing the right things mama. Just try to supplement with vitamins and supplement drinks if you feel he’s not getting all the needed nutrition from his diet. My kids all went through a super picky phase and it lasted years. Once they got to preschool it stopped because they wanted to eat food with the other kids and they were more open to trying new things.

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      this is not normal, the child should eat healthy food and not crackers

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      my friend’s children eat absolutely everything

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      Such great information!

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      kids are always picky eaters.

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      Hope this helps in some way!

      Picky Eater Success

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