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      I see several articles about keeping baby (toddler/child) occupied with traveling – especially on a plane. The lists are all about the same, and those ideas really aren’t very helpful. Anybody have any new, or really workable, suggestions?

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      I keep a bag of snacks, books and toys and pull one out as needed throughout the trip. During the middle of the trip, I’ll take a walk with my daughter up and down the aisle. She enjoys the change of scenery. When all else fails, an educational app on your phone can sometimes keep a toddler occupied.

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      I scheduled my flight a little after his nap time. He was up a little earlier that morning, and being in a new place, The airport, he was excited and so he did not fall asleep until I nursed him on the plane. New snacks and sippy cup was useful. I also brought him some new toys to distract him, I think I also gave him some toys I would not have given him previously.
      I was fortunate to have friendly, kind, helpful people next to me. There was also another Mom walking about the plane with her son, which seemed to have him content.
      I took him as a lap child when we flew, however I do know friends who brought a seat for their child to have more room.
      Good luck.

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      Just traveled/flew solo with a 1 and 3 year old. Blessed for great flight attendants on both flights to ease the stress. And while at destination the hotel pool, neighborhood playground and children’s museum were the best ways for my children to let out their energy.

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      try to schedule a flight during nap time

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      A pacifier or bottle helped to have my baby suck on during take off and landing to help with the pressure/ear popping. I learned my lesson the first flight we took where my daughter cried the whole take off because her ears most likely hurt, poor thing!
      Snacks for toddlers are a must of course! And for mama too!

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      schedule flight during nap time… and use window clings for plane windows woks for hours

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      Schedule trips around nap/bed time so you can get as far as you can while baby sleeps (especially if you’re driving) IPads are great you can get Netflix and now download movies so you don’t need WiFi to work it. You can use on a plane in airplane mode. I also buy new toys and bust them out when meltdowns are starting, usually a good distraction. Depending on age sometimes a bag of chocolate chips can go a long way or another type of favorite treat they don’t have often.

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      I bring their activity pad and toddler snacks with me when we travel.

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      Gadget help!!

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      This is so great

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