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      Will you be planning weekly library trips this summer? What books are your kids excited to read? Any suggestions on a fun series? Feel free to share below!

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      I loved reading the Boxcar Children series when I was younger! There are so many books in the series that your kids will be busy all summer. If you aren’t familiar with the series, check it out here: https://www.boxcarchildren.com/about-boxcar-series

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      I have always been a big reader, my Grandad taught me to read and i’ve been a bookworm since a very young age! I always loved Enid Blyton’s books, for younger readers, the Faraway Tree series is great, and for older readers (8-12), the Famous Five series is fantastic. I spent a couple of years as a teenager working in a bookstore where I discovered many amazing Kids authors. For amazing picture books, I’d always recommend Oliver Jeffers – his books are so beautiful and have such lovely stories.

      I’m always happy to recommend books to anyone, whether it be for your kids or yourself! I’m a believer that everyone can enjoy reading if they find the right books for them!

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      I am reading Captain Underpants every night to my grandchildren, we have finished two of them so far, after that I think we will start on the Magic Tree house book with Jack and Annie.

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      my girls love the series of books about a girl detective, “Maisy Hitchins” author Holly Webb. Great series! Daughter second, great lovers of reading, each story reads just a couple of times. Interesting stories, large print, nice illustrations, good language. Recommend!

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      My kids started Summer reading Captain Underpants. Since the movie was released this year, they have become new fans and picked up some of the books!

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      My 9-year-old Enjoys the chapter book “Circus Mirandus”. He’s in a book club, and fell in love with it!

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      Every summer my son leaves for a fun filled vacation with G-ma’ and G-pa’. On the last day of school he brought home some books. A book called Out of my mind by Sharon M. Draper is our summer reading choice.

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      The Littles… I loved it as a child myself and now my 8 year old daughter is enjoying them!

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      I have a really little one! Right now she’s captivated my the colorful books; so we are reading a lot of Brown Bear Brown Bear

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      Captain Underpants is the greatest! The movie was good as well. I love reading the forums for more ideas and what kids are reading. Thank you!

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      Today we bought how to babysit grandpa for my 4 year old! He got a total kick out of it as he will be spending the last few weeks of summer with his grandpa! For my daughter we are doing the 100 first words book almost every night. She is only 1 and that’s what we did with my son and he loves it so we are continuing the tradition! Great teaching tool as well!

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      5 of our older children are reading the Last Harry potter

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      My 5 year old has been super into the Pete The Cat books this summer. They are a great starter book for early readers.

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      We started in on the Nancy Drew series last week! Even though she’s a little young to read it (or really understand much) on her own, she still loves listening to Mom read out loud to her! More so on her level has been Stardragon by Andrew Breakspeare.

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      I just had a conversation with a friend (who has older kids than I) about books for my 6yr old and she recommended the Magic Treehouse series. So I think that will be our next library pick. We just finished (me reading to my 6yr old) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and she love it so we’ll continue with those as well. My 3yr old likes anything with monsters or superheros – I highly recommend “Yuck, That’s Not a Monster” or anything from the Big Box of Books collection.

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