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    Kids are very allergic.

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    Make sure to look for dairy free products

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    almost all desserts have eggs or egg products in them

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    very informative

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    Try to avoid eggs if it causes allergy. But you can include foods that are equivalent to eggs in the diet.

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    My oldest daughter was allergic to eggs when she was little. She grew out if all her allergies as she got older as I gave her herbal supplements and steered clear of the things that caused her to have bad reactions. In the end it all worked out for her & she had a lot of things that she was allergic to…

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    Lots of work with egg allergy because it’s hidden in so many places. Good luck

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    It’s really hard to find items without eggs. It’s hiding in a lot of different foods.

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    when should you try eggs with your little one

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    Read labels

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    At what age does the kid “grow” out of egg allergy, if so? I’m very curious because my little one was tested positive for egg allergy ☹️

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    pay attention

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    Need to read label ingredients very carefully.

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    Oh, that stinks. 🙁 Be careful!

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    Pay attention.

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    Great info.

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    Great sharing.

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