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      Who has tried Kombucha?? I now drink it pretty regularly. It’s good for gut health, probiotics & I think just healthy all around. I really like it. Anyone else drink Kombucha?

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      i don’t like the taste, but wish i coiuld

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        I hear ya, Mango. Some taste pretty strong. I’m drinking a ginger one right now that I really like.

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      I love the taste, and like to think it’s healthy for me. Kind of a lot of sugar, though, usually- and that defeats the purpose of the probiotics.

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      I like sparkling ones. Don’t remember who its made by though,

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      I read an article recently that said you should look for kombucha that has not been pasturized. The process kills the live friendly bacteria and that defeats the purpose of drinking kombucha.

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      I love kombucha! My fave are GT and Health Ade.

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      Thanks for the info, Mom2three! 🙂

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      Yes. I drink daily.

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      Raluca. Y, what?

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      I love kombucha.

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      love it

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      I’d like to try it

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      You should Amy! There’s lots of flavors to choose from. 🙂

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