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      I had always been a milk drinker, but when I became pregnant with our first child I could not drink milk. It would make me sick, I couldn’t eat ice cream either. I am still not able to drink milk or eat ice cream; I can eat frozen yogurt though. Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this?

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      I know you can become allergic to anything at any point in time. It stinks, but you can find out wether you are lactose intolerant or if you have a milk protein allergy by going to your doctor. If you are just lactose intolerant, there are a variety of milk options with dairy removed, including ice cream and even yogurt! If you have a dairy protein allergy, unfortunately you have to avoid all cow dairy products. However, there are a ton of new options on the market now!

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      Absolutely! I know exactly how you feel! With my son, I craved milk so often I would have 2 gallons in the freezer and 3 in the fridge (hahaha). Then when I was pregnant with my last daughter, my body or stomach wouldn’t tolerate milk products of any kind, though I knew my child and I needed the nutrition… So wh a t did I do and consume instead?
      Silk Chocolate Soy Milk at first, then Chocolate Almond milk (50% more calcium than vitamin D milk) and so so addictive! Talk about delicious! And easily found at most local grocery stores. It comes in different natural flavors with all organic ingredients as well; which is what is best for mommy and baby! =*)
      Frozen yogurt is an awesome pregnancy snack food/dessert, as is Greek yogurt with fresh fruits! So yummy, especially with Kashi almond clusters granola! <3

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      My allergies changed after having my kids too

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      These are really good options. Now days there are so many to choose from.

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      My Mom was lactose intolerant her entire life. It skipped me and my daughter but my Grandson is lactose intolerant. I wonder if it’s inherited?

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      2 of 3 of my kids and I are lactose intolerant. We drink soy milk as a substitute.

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      What do you use as a milk subsstitute? I hate milk and dairy.

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      not yet

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      I became allergic to shrimp with my second pregnancy but after I gave birth I was fine eating shrimp again.

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      I drink soy milk for substitute

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