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      My story is long and messy; betrayal upon betrayal. And in the aftermath of everything, I’ve made a decision to buy a oneway ticket and leaving with my daughter.

      I live in Egypt. My husband is Egyptian. Before marriage and baby, we agreed on leaving Egypt to USA (my country of residence), we agreed that we won’t raise children in this horrible environment.

      Fast forward 3 years- and he has changed his mind completely. About a week after my daughter was born he changed drastically. Threatening divorce for a year now, since she was born too.

      Him and his family knows that I don’t want to live here and I’m not happy being here. They always supported us on the decision to move.

      Now, 11.5 months after baby is born- he has moved out of the house; I’ve found out he’s been in a full-blown relationship for at least 8-9months now. He left to her. Of course- I’m at fault for everything. All his abuse, threats, and neglect he found a way to say “reaction to your actions”. And that I deserve it all.

      His family and mine suggested marriage counseling. But he has refused. He came to tell me “you can leave Egypt if you want or stay, but if you leave I won’t be able to support her like I do here.” Heartbreaking.

      It’s been 2 months since his decision and divorce is to take place after December 12th (law that baby has to be 1 year for divorce to be granted).

      He does support us fully financially. But only comes 1-2 times a week for an hour maximum to play with daughter. And he works 5 mins away from my (now mine) house.

      In 4 days I will be leaving back to the states. I haven’t told anyone. He nor his family suspect anything. I’m packing two bags and just starting over. I sold all I have for cash and have some support back home in US.

      Living here for me is not possible. I’m depressed and sit at home. There is nothing here that helps me further my career plans, supports my hobbies, and just this crazy crazy society leaves me feeling shallow and drained.

      Am I doing the right thing? I want my daughter to have access to better health care, food, air quality, schools, and growing as a person.

      I need your support. Please. It’s a scary thing I’m doing just picking up and leaving- not a few hours apart, but to a different side of the world.

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      Do what is good for you!

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      Do what’s best for you and your daughter. It sounds like you are in a toxic environment and need to get away while you can.

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      yes, do what you feel is right for you and your kid

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      I know I’m reading this a year later, but I hope that you did what was right for yourself and your child. Your gut is always right and I hope you are in a much happier situation now!

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