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      What do you feel are some Pros and cons to living in Texas ?

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      I feel like the food and people are pros

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      Cons- having to driving miles just to get to a supermarket, ie. H-E-B

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        Do you live a city or in a town

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        HUGE PRO- We have H-E-B!!! Yes, distance is sometimes far. That was one of my criteria when we moved- distance to the nearest H-E-B!

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      Do you live a city or in a town

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      The people are great. Love the warm climate but could do with a bit more rain where I live. I’ve been an avid home gardener for many years and successful gardening in Texas presents a lot of new challenges. Been working at it for over ten years and haven’t given up yet!

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      My brother lives in a big city in Texas, and they love it! It doesn’t get too cold during the year, and the summers are beautiful! (but VERY hot in July!) I am hoping to move down there once my kids get a little older 🙂

      Also- Texas BBQ is delicious!

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      Cons- it’s SO HOT!Its still hot and almost October but I don’t want to live any where else!

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