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      So i bought some sofa covers. So far I got vanilla and white. What colors do guys think will compliment my silver sand paint colored living room? Grey? Cappuccino? Would love to know what you think! I love my vanilla and white but I want more colors!

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      maybe add a pop of a color that you love like pink or aqua?

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      A friend of mine has a silver sand Livingroom and bought black leather sofas and they look wonderful. Adding touches of blue. Blue pillows.

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      love the idea of aqua! beach feels!

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      thank you! i really think cappuccino will look great

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      Black sounds good! Not sure if they have black, but I will look into it. Thanks a lot

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      Cappuccino will look great but if you want a pop of color for a statement do turquoise or aqua

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      The blue will definitely put a pop in the living room

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      Let us know the final results, Daniel.

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      I think any color would work since it sounds like everything is rather “neutral”. I’d personally go for some bolder and brighter color, or maybe a fun pattern/print 🙂

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      So many nice ideas!

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