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      Hey everyone! What kind of crafts do you do with your little ones. My son is 4 and loves to do crafts and we need some cute ideas!

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      finger painting, and playdoh

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      washable sidewalk chalk for these warmer days

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      DIY slime is always fun

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      sensory bottles

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      l always go Micheals to buy materials for him. l really recommend this place for activies

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      I find slime to ve a sticky problem

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      My girls to paper bag and made a vest and colored it as cowboys and Indians

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      Check on Facebook for “Playfull”. They post frequent, short and easy ideas.

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      Hand print crafts are always fun. Make prints in a ring for sunflowers, a reindeer or pineapples.

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      You could make different animals with the hand or foot print. You would just paint his hand or foot and place it on the paper.

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      Shaving cream painting is fun

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      I love making “sculptures” out of things found in nature. You’ll have to help a bit with the gluing (or use glue dots) but there are endless options for what you can make, and looking for the supplies is a built in bonus activity. You can find a lot of ideas if you google “nature crafts” or if you search by specific item, like “Acorn crafts”. A really easy idea with a toddler is to make an acorn picture frame. You just need to cut out a shape on some construction paper and outline where you want the “frame” part to be, then glue a ton of acorns all around the frame. Leave the inner-most circle empty until after you put the photo down, otherwise it can be tricky to wedge the photo in.

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      We have made leaf people by collecting different size leaves for each body part and glued them on construction paper. Fun with nature.

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