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      Have you ever woke up thinking, after having bad after bad and then you throw your hands up and give it all to the lord and just take a walk. well thats walk i did and by doing that. I went for a walk around a lake and look around and have trust me when i say it takes your breath away with how pretty it is out side right now. And as i am walking through the woods to get to the lake with the trees changing colors ,it is just amazing. And the lord blessed me to wake up to being thankful for all this. it just was amazing. Thanking you lord for that. As i am walking and i am getting down to the lake ,i notice it is very quiet so i take a set and start to say the lords prayers out loud to myself. Just because it seem right at the time and just as i was finishing up, i heard something and i look up it is an otter looking right at me like i am crazy and then decides to go in the water right in front of me to start looking around for fish and caughting the fish and eatting right in front of me for about 15 to 20 minutes. it was so peaceful and beautiful and amazing that them bad days that i was having before all this started, all went away. and i couldn’t tell you what the bad days were all about. I know the lord always has our backs but today it just felt a little different it felt surreal for me. So Thank you lord for show me to always take the good with the bad, because you always come out on top.
      God Bless You All

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      Amen! 🙏

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      God loves us very much, exactly the way we love our children. They make mistakes and make us sad but we still love them and do everything to save them from the ugliness of life

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      Gratitude before attitude! ❤

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      great one

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