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    My best friend recently lost her daughter and my son was close with her. He is too young to understand but I find myself rehearsing what to tell him later when he sees and possibly remembers her. Any suggestions??

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    I am sorry you are dealing with this. I have not experience this as a parent yet, however I did lose my father had a young age, and while my mom had to come home and just tell us what had happened, someone else had given us a book to help us understand. I cannot remember the name of the book currently, but if you search on Amazon, there are a ton of books that may be helpful.
    I use to volunteer at a grieving center and there we did a lot of games with kids and activities to help them deal but not push the issue. Maybe finding something that is meeting him where he is.
    I hope you find someway to talk and process with him.
    Good Luck

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    Get a book yhat can help cope with this

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    I’m so sorry for your loss

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    Sorry to hear tath. I lost my youngest son and it was hard on all of us, especially his 3 brothers because they didn’t understand why or what was going on. All we could do was be there for them and we were also fortunate that we were really close to the staff at their school so they had support there too

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    If and when the situation arises, tell him the truth in terms appropriate for his age. For example, my daughter understood my father’s death when she was 4 years old, but at around 8 years old, she wanted to know exactly what caused his death.

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    aww so sorry

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