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      The first time I did this with the group it cost me more time and money than the sampling a product was worth. I have learned to be able to use the sample as an excuse to get the mom’s together but of course you still need to fluff the meeting without costing you hours of your precious time and too much money. What have you done to create a fun sample meeting on a budget and without taking hours to plan?

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      Use the coupons on the site. Also use sites like amazon and oriental trading for low cost party supplies

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      register for freebies and other healthy for you forums

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      I like to recycle party supplies, it doesn’t have to be an expensive initial purchase but reusing some things makes the budget last a little longer.

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      I also reuse party supplies for future parties.

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      Sometimes I’ll ask friends to bring extra party supplies.

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      B J

      I also try to use some party supplies over, this helps to conserve on the budget and still have a lot of fun!

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      Group samplings together when possible & stock up when party supplies go on sale. Mix different party supplies like Christmas and Easter colors & deco–js. Always keeping it fun and interesting every group gathering…

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      Great idea

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      Thanks for the great ideas, ladies. I am soon hosting my very first sampling party, I’m excited😀

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      good idea

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      Great ideas. Love getting together with friends to try new things!

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      these are great

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      These are great ideas. Thank you

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      Great ideas on how to host a lower cost party!

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      These are great ideas. Thank you

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      Such great ideas here!

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