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    Suggestions on where I should start first? Curb appeal? Or in home improvements?

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    I suggest starting with in home improvements.

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    I would say start with home improvements whether your a home owner or renter, always try to find and use renter friendly improvements. That way if you dont like or or frequently change things around you can change them no problem. Recently we started working on fixing our very ugly apartment up, last year when we moved in our property manager warned was the place wasnt ready. Still we moved in and they kinda just forgot about everything they didn’t finish. So we are really really broke and I’m very repurpose cheap, one thing I found was renter friendly wall paper. It’s kinda like contact paper for your walls and it’s easy pull and peel. You can find some kn Amazon in various patterns. And what I love is this marble contact paper were gonna use on these ugly fake wood cabinets in our kitchen. Gives our place a modern chic feel of only 10.99 a roll and its 16″ x 120″.

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    Paint is an easy and low cost DIY way to update a home

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    nice home

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    Good read.

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    Try to find second-hand materials for your renovation projects. Also, buying gently-used furniture and decors is a good idea.

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    Pinterest has thousands of diy projects that cost next to nothing! Good luck!!

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