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      My husband and I are going to give up gluten for a month. He “want” to give up gluten because he thinks it is going to help with some health issues, and I want to be encouraging and hoping it will help me in feeling better about what I am eating.
      Anyway I am looking for some recipe, lunch time suggestions. I usually make my husband a sandwich everyday because it is easy, and cheap. When there are leftovers he will take them, however I live in a house with three boys, so typically there are never leftovers. Once we go gluten free I am sure my husbands will not want sandwiches as much for lunch. So I am looking for gluten free ideas for lunches that are coast effective.

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      There are ivory teef tortillas at publix that are gluten free and they are amazing because they are the right texture and flavor to pass as flour tortillas. Wrap up some leftovers or lunch meat for a great, quick meal.

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      use gluten free bread or other products as substitutes

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      Gluten Free Quinoa Burgers are delicious

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      It’s interesting, we have to explore new foods, always looking for the best for ourselves and our children.

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      Maybe try some Gluten free veggie wraps? Lunch is one of the hardest meals to plan for in our home. Bacon is gluten free haha. One day I’ll try to drop the gluten to see if it helps me lose my mom belly fat.

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      Good read.

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      hummus and veggies are a delicious lunch

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      B J

      Good ideas for gluten free.

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      I wish I can do this too!

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      Quinoa burrito bowls

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      thanks for this information.

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      Great suggestion.

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      Good ideas for gluten free.

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      Good ideas

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      Good ideas

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      Soups and salads are a great idea.ann

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      there are a lot of gluten free foods that you can buy.ann

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      lettuce wraps with deli turkey and cheese

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      fruit,salad and soup are nice alternatives.ann

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      There are gluten free pastas that you can use to prep cold salads that go well with fruits/vegetables, truly adds a colorful lift.

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