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      My son belongs to a sports club and has a few kids with nut allergies. We are asked to bring snacks to certain events. I would like to make something nut-free at home but am wondering if I should sanitize/sterilize my entire kitchen first as we use nuts though not on a regular basis but do have peanut butter as a staple in the house. I also want to know if the FDA has required companies to label all their products as being processed in a nut-free facility or just label that it was processed in a plant that also processes nuts,etc. If there is nothing said on it am I safe?
      Also, does anyone have some really good recipes to make?

      Currently I’m making a chocolate based cookie with chocolate chips.
      It only has 5 ingredients: powdered sugar,chocolate chips,egg,cocoa and vanilla. Hoping I’m safe with this.
      Thanks In Advance for any advice.

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      Some brands of chocolate chips aren’t safe for kids with peanut allergies. Ex: Nestle So just check the package 🙂

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      I think it’s so smart to decontaminate your whole kitchen because of the allergy. It’s so important to know the ingredients very well for your child. And making sure there is no nut additives in the ingredients

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      Yes sanitize and sterilize things first! Also heck out enjoy life chocolate chips. They are delicious and allergy friendly.

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      Oatmeal cookies would be good too

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      check packaging, it should always say or warn

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      Good ideas.

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      My son also has nut allergy, its very hard for him sometimes when he wants something but it has nuts, he gets upset saying why they making everying with nuts.

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      Rice krispy treats are a favorite at my kids’ School

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      The FDA is not required to label for shared lines/ facilities or even if a product may contain traces of certain things. The only thing they HAVE to label is if the food contains that ingredients for sure.

      My son is allergic to peanuts and pistachios. We use Sunbutter in our house. Nutritionally it is better than peanut butter on almost every level. One of our favorite recipes to make is puppy chow. We just replace the peanut butter with Sunbutter. Pretty much anything that can be made with peanut butter can be substituted.

      Hershey’s does great with labeling their products. We use their milk chocolate chips. Also, almost no white chocolate chips are safe unless ordered from specific companies (more expensive too.)

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      Nice one.

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      Sunflower seed nut butters!

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      Great information.

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      This is helpful.

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