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      I hope you everyone is having a good day. I’m really frustrated right now. I have 5 kids, two from previous relationship, two is with my husband right now, and one is a stepson. It seems that every time I get a call from school, I can already tell that the call is about my stepson because I frequently get those calls. It is either he is in trouble or he is sick. Every time I get him home when he says he’s sick though, he’d be running around the house like nothing is wrong with him. The last time I took him to the Dr, he asked him if someone is bullying him in school because there was nothing wrong with him. I am very concerned every time he or one of the kids are sick but I can see a pattern and I do not want him to keep skipping school when he’s actually ok. I hope the school would keep him for at least 10 or 15 minutes and see if he’s getting better from rest or not instead of calling right away to get him picked up. I am not a nurse but if he doesn’t have a temperature or are not vomiting or nauseated, he might just needed a break. We just moved because of my husband’s job but he had a lot of absences in the previous school too because of the same thing. I’ve been called a lot of times by the previous school too because of the things he does, I have talked to the principal a lot of times because of the way he’s acting in school. We used to live with my mother-in-law who babys’ him and makes him feel more special than all other kids. Now that we don’t live with her anymore, the calls from school are not as bad as before where I used to get calls everyday. But we still get calls once every two weeks and it’s not helping that one single cough makes them call me to pick him up right away even when he doesn’t have any temperature or other symptoms. I only get one or two calls in a school year with all the other kids and usually because they have a temperature.I feel bad sometimes because he does it all the time that sometimes I suspect him faking it. I am usually right but it frustrates me because I’ve had enough. I do not know what to do.

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      He needed an attention and it seems he think this the right way to get it. I am not an expert to advice u on how to help him but for sure u have to talk to him or somebdy for sure so u are ready to handle and dont feel this much overwhelmed….

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      Maybe your school counselor could help you. It sounds like your son is acting out because he wants attention.

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      sorry to hear that

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      I agree with the others

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