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    My grandma, sadly, died from breast cancer over 20 years ago. My mom has it now & I know I need to go for a mammogram. I’ve asked advice from people I know. Some say it hurts a lot, some say it’s unpleasant and some say it’s not bad at all. Any advice from the ladies who have had one? I’m nervous, but I know I need to go.

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    yes you do

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    IM pretty confused as to what age you’re supposed to start getting them. Breast cancer runs on my moms side of the family. My grandmother had it, my aunt had it and my mom was tested for the marker for it. My OBGYN doesnt seem to interested, nor did my hematologist, but I dont know when Im actually supposed to be getting mammograms.

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    With no family history you should start at 40 but Im not sure in your case! They are quick and uncomfortable, but it only last lasts a minute and is worth it

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