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      It took me 10 years to finally get married to the man I love. a lot of things have changed like we are living with his parents right now and things are just hard. Its hard living in someone else home and I feel like we are never going to get a home. I need to get that excitement back in mine and my husband life again anyone going through a similar situation and have any advice for me?

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      if i were going to be an advice giver (Ha!) I would need a lot more info from you. Good luck.

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      Do you have a budget plan? The sooner you can save up a downpayment, the sooner you can buy your house.

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      I am living with my husbands parents and we have a child as well main thing is boundrys. I felt the same way I am never going to have a home but right now that is where you need to be for what ever reason finance or other reason make your room your own space and desenate nights for you and him and other nights for all of you together. I hope that helps

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      Hope all goes well for you.

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      Hope all goes well for you.

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