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      I am looking for new and unique projects involving any size Mason jars.
      Does anyone have any ideas ?

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      tomato sauce jars?

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      Actually, any type jars.

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      check the internet for fun recipes, like “cake in a jar”. Fill with homemake cocoa mix, top with small marshmallow, add a candy cane to the bow on top of the jar: Christmas presents. Could do some other variety for other gifts.

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      Candles, make scrubs and store in a mason jar, make chia pudding the night before and eat in the morning, make single serve yogurt. I make smoothies for my kids and serve them in a mason jar.

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      vase for (fresh) flowers

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      I am looking for more kid friendly projects.

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      We have made little aquariums. We put little tiny rocks in the bottom and put blue food coloring in water and filled it up and added little toy fish and plastic plants. The kids loved it. We have also taken the jars and used clue and tissue paper and painted the glue all over the jar and layed the tissue paper on it and then put in a battery operated candle. They used them as night lights and out in the tent in the summer. You can paint them silver and use toilet paper and papertowel rolls and make little robots with them. You can also make flower vases with them and let them paint or glue item on them and then grow plants in them or give them away as gifts. We have used them and put in activities on paper and let them decorate the “idea” jar. When they said they were bored, they had to pull out a paper with an activity and do it. Examples like reading, coloring, painting, yoga time, playing with blocks, board games, etc.

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        So many GREAT ideas…thank you !!!

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