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      Share ways that you invite your group members to meetings here! Do you send a paper invitation, email, text, or phone call? Maybe you have a fun and unique way you invite your friends and family. Let us know!

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      I send a text with the picture of what I received and a description of the product. All my mom’s and kiddie’s are always excited to attend.

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        I’d like to learn more about you. Would you be interested in chatting further? Please let me know your availability for a chance to discuss an important issue? & we can share great experiences together, reply to my E-mail I’d ( [email protected] ) not in this site cos i don,t visit the site often


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        I see or talk to the Mom’s in my group almost daily—our kids are often in something together and honestly we’ve all become great friends! We are a big support system for each other, babysitting for each other, to kicking back with our spouses together and attending events together.

        A lot of my invites I give in person, however, I back it up with an email as a friendly reminder. We’re usually talking about upcoming get-togethers and meetings, so no one really forgets.

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      I see most of the Mom’s in my group regularly, so I usually tell them in person. Others I call or text describing the product. As we all get excited, word travels fast! I always follow up with reminder texts and a picture of the product!

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      I like to use a picture of the sampling kit- but I always pick up the phone and call everyone when a meeting is coming up!

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      To be honest I advertise. I post on social media and websites, I also have most of my girlfriends in the group. Church/temple is always a good place to start or add on to your group. Ive had moms break off and start their own group too, which is good, i usually hold mine on weekdays and on mom does a one on the weekend, and everyone and awhile we do group mashup! We combine our groups for events that we hold in the local parks and malls.

      My events have gotten up to 40 adults at once (we had to go out and buy more samples, lol) but the ones at home/private i have an average of 10-15 adults out of a group of 25…not everyone can always make it. one time i had 2 people…I had to deliver the ones samples that couldn’t come.

      TIP: Start your own MOMs meet face book page just for your members. Its a great way to share your event dates and products, and facts on the products. share coupons, and deals and more.

      Good luck, Nicole

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      We have a Facebook forgo for our moms group and I am in charge of the green moms group-we have meetings once a month with or without samplings and all the events are posted to our Facebook group

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      We use the Meetup website to sign up for our events. I usually bring items to sample at our once monthly business meeting, where the moms talk about events/upcoming events/etc. and the kids play in the room with us.

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      I usually tell my girlfriends face-to-face. We get together and drink wine a lot to unwind from our mom lives. They are always impressed by the fun new things I show them. I am very lucky to have a lot of friends in my neighborhood as well.

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      I always do face-to- face in less friends live far away than I email invite and send samples.They Skype if they can’t join in person so part conversation.

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      I announce it in the Facebook group if I’m bringing a sampling to a group meeting not at my home. For events I host at my home, I create a FB event or evite!

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      I usually just call. But it’s been so long since we’ve had samples to try. We just get together and hang out mostly. We have about 13 regulars plus their kids. Should I be having more Moms?

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      I created a facebook page for my group so I usually do the invite there 🙂

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      Question what is the purpose for the group meetings if there is no samples to share and talk about? Thought that was the whole purpose of the meetings/groups!?

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      I normally call or text them! 🙂 There are times I will email reminders, as well.

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      I will see most gals at my kids events,dance, skating, girl scouts ect. I invite them all personally & encourage them to bring more moms!

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      i invite my friends from facebok posts , and group meetings

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      I talk to a lot of moms on a daily basis, during different kids activities, schools, classes. I talk both in person, over the phone or on social media. I like organizing get togethers – and for them – I text, call and email. I use all of the approaches – whatever works better for a specific person I invite. Texting is a great way to follow up!

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      Most of the time i call my moms and let them know and sometimes in person whenever we are spending time together.

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      good post

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      I know all of the ones in mine. I have a FB page just for them, and I text as some are not as active on FB. I’m just starting out, and hoping to expand more into my community.

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      I typically do my inviting by using either Facebook or Instagram!

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      I have a group of mom’s friends. We meet regularly and we schedule play dates with the kids. The simplest way is to invite a good group of people for a play date and the product showing at the same time. Have some food and potluck. Then everyone enjoys it and the kids are happy too!

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      I feel like starting your own facebook group to mass invite would help too!

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      I see my moms group weekly, so I tell them in person.

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      In person, word of mouth and through other members and friends

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      I email the invitation and if I don’t get a reply, I usually see the moms every week so I’ll ask them in person. A week before the sampling party I will send out a text reminder to everyone and I do the same the day before the party.

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      I usually send emails

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      email with a pic of the sample product

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      I have a babyshower coming up. I plan to incorporate the products into the party. I find them people wont get bored and there are other things to be there for. I think that the women will love all the freebies and we can make a game out of it.

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      C G

      Through email, phone, and text.

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      Great tips ladies, thanks for sharing. I’m a newbie so I’m looking for any and all tips and advice😊

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      Honors the generation of women who crossed oceans, rolled up their sleeves, won the vote, raised kids, went off to work, and did it all with style and grace.

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      Great tips. I normally just call or text. Email here and there.

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      I use my facebook page to invite moms to the virtual parties.

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      Group text message is the way to go!

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      Usually a group text or email. 🙂

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      i usually send them a group message and as our get together and also a play-date for kids..

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      It depends on the event I’m throwing. Sometimes just a text and others I get fancy with invites

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      We text constantly!

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      I usually call or text the ladies! Then, I will send out email reminders, as well.

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      Great share.

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      Great share.

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      Great ideas

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      Thanks everyone. I am new here and trying to learn. Using sample product picture is a great idea ! Waiting to get selected.

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      Great ideas

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      Great ideas

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      Group message or in person for us

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