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      I currently work only on saturdays 8am-5pm and we looked into daycare before our son was born but at the end of the week I would only be taking home $150-200 after daycare costs. Now my job has increased my pay by $2/hr and the daycare is $280/week (5 days a week only but we don’t have to go everyday). My son is almost 11 months. I don’t have the feeling that I want to work more and I don’t want to miss out on his achievements and milestones.
      Is the money worth it? Will my son benefit from a daycare environment?

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      There’s nothing wrong with you wanting to go back to work. But if you would prefer to reduce your hours and cut back on daycare, that might be a good balance. Hope that you are able to find the right fit for your family.

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      It is really personal preference. I do think interacting with other children is important, but you can get that with mommy and me classes, the library and play dates.

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      It was hard for me when I first went back to work after having my kids. But it was great for their socialization skills to be around other people while I was at work.

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      I think it is unfair to be faced with this choice: work or children. I understand your sense of guilt very well, I too have felt it for years, and it really hurt my soul.

      The point is that this society is not made for women; this system continually forces us to make some forced choices. Working hours and working methods are not compatible with the needs of a family, let alone a woman who decides to have children. We have no freedom.

      Instead, I believe that we have the right to follow our career and, at the same time, have children.
      I have written several articles on this subject, if you have a few minutes, read them. I hope they can help you! Mom Guilt

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      See if you can qualify for Working Parents assistance or Purchase of Childcare. In your area it’s programs through your state or your county that will assist you with the pay meant of daycare if you work or go to school hope your pride isn’t too up there to ask for this assistance. It’s your taxes that you’re asking back to help you and your child get help with paying for daycare while you work. It may be called something different in your area but look& see if it works for your family. The application is going to require that you give them proof of income identification etc because it is a county state program Plus working most of the time helps you feel a sense of freedom to make income and contribute to your household in a financial way but the choice is yours I’m just giving you a bit of information that has worked for a few of the ladies in my group

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      The purchase of child care or working parents program and maybe cause something else in your county state city etc you can usually Google it and print out the application with all your proof of information. They will approve your application and send you a written letter of how much towards your daycare or camp or whatever else towards that and then the amount that you pay maybe less than you think so just some information or the future but you’re going to have to look to see you the daycare or camp or etc is willing to take your child on a Saturday

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      Don’t feel guilty! As long as your kid is with someone you trust, you have every right to go back to work if that’s what you want. We’re all doing our best. ♡♡

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