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    My mother was diagnosed with cancer. While she’s been a good trooper so far, just hope she keeps up the good spirits as long as she can.

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    sorry girl. keep positive♥

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      Thank you so much, Lisa! <3 She’s been doing pretty well, considering. She has a great doctor who she really likes and things seem good for now. You are very kind. Have a great day!

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    sorry to hear

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    Hi my name is Mona,I’m sorry to hear that, I have been battling Stage 4 Esophagus cancer that spread to Liver. On top of it all I have a benign heart tumor. Just had a feeding tube placed. I have some problems since feeding tube. Trying to get my strength back. From me having the disease myself I can tell you mood swings are horrible for me.Pain for me can be unbearable. I have good days and bad. What kind of cancer does your mom have? What stage? All I can say is be there for her. Try to make as comfortable as possible. I bought a twin adjustable bed and a butt circle floaty, they made me more comfy. Prayers for you and family!

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    So sorry. It is tough to see a loved one going through it

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